Each Clinical Commissioning Group across the country has been asked to develop a draft Integrated Care Board (ICB) Strategic Approach for Working with People and Communities.

Our approach in Dorset has a strong focus on working in partnership and everyone agrees that strong engagement and communications is crucial to achieving the best outcomes with, and for, our communities.

We are co-creating the narrative with local stakeholders. We believe this will shape how we work in partnership with people and communities across Dorset.

Since February, our engagement team have been busy speaking with community groups, representatives, and organisations to capture any reflections, suggestions and questions.

Please watch our video below which explains more about this work.

The strategy will be available from July 2022.

For the easy read version, please see: Working with people and communities – with audio

Please contact the team at communications@dorsetccg.nhs.uk if you have any questions or thoughts on this work.