During the “Understand Phase” of this project the Balanced System® Framework identified that up to 29,573 children and young people aged 0-18 years in Dorset may have some level of speech, language and communication need (SLCN). In this instance the definition of SLCN included the large number of children whose early language development is impacted by disadvantage but who do not necessarily need direct involvement of a speech and language therapist if they are provided with the right support from their family, school or setting.

Workshops have been taking place with stakeholders. These have been attended by:
• stakeholders who have already been involved with the project,
• parents, carers and young people,
• speech and language professionals,
• special education needs professionals,
• early years settings representatives,
• public health nursing
• schools and education settings, including teachers,
• those who have an interest in supporting speech, language and communication across Dorset, for example the Youth Offending Team.

Further information and summaries from these workshops can be found in the “Our summary of the initial Design Events” blog and under the “Documents” section on the main page.

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