The survey closes on 31 March 2020.

The information you share will be treated in confidence and the report will be anonymised.

We’ll keep your info safe and sound. It won’t be kept for longer than necessary and will only be used to help us make your health care services better.

The Market Research Group (MRG) at Bournemouth University is collecting, processing and reporting on the responses to this survey on behalf of your local NHS and councils. The final report will be put on our YourMind webpage for you to read.

We will then work with young people and other interesed people, plus staff and professionals, to make improvements based on what has been said, and what we know already. We will keep updating you on this webpage so you can see what’s been done.

Remember, if you want to be more involved in this, please sign up here and we can tell you about opportunities which will arise after the survey has closed.