Our Public Engagement Group – A year in

It has been a year since the start of our Public Engagement Group, aka, The PEG.

The group is made up of 25 local people. They have a wealth of lived-experience across Dorset’s geography, demography and diversity.  They meet bi-monthly to provide advice, guidance and challenge across a huge variety of areas.

The PEG started in 2017, as an important part of Dorset’s Integrated Care System. This means services provided by the local authorities and the NHS working in a more joined up, coherent way.

As part of this, the Engagement Leads from across health and social care came together to co-design this group.

It has been a year since the group was formed. In this time they have provided invaluable feedback and a platform for critical thinking about new projects and services. I would like to share with you their progress over the last 12 months. They have:

  • Developed a checklist and guide to encourage person centred discussions across the Sustainability and Transformation programmes. This has been endorsed by the Implementation Planning Group and will hopefully be shared for use across the Integrated Care System.
  • Provided Public Health with feedback on their Livewell Dorset website to inform it’s development.
  • Given feedback on a new service during the planning stage, which is now out for procurement; the Social Prescription, Health Coaching and Voluntary Sector Navigation Service in Dorset. This will have ongoing support from a PEG member.
  • Been involved with Digitally Enabled Dorset. A digital reference group is now being set up to support and shape thinking around the digital programme ‘Independent Self Care’. This is being supported by a PEG member, who will also be a link between the two groups.
  • Provided advice around “How personalised care is delivered at home – emerging models of care.” – specifically on how to reach and seek views of the target population and how to use these views to inform the co-design of a future service.
  • Similarly, we have been a part of the Dementia Reivew in Dorset, providing feedback which was used to inform new proposed models of care.
  • Had the chance to comment on the One Acute Network draft public engagement and communication plan.

We would like to thank every member of this hardworking and committed group, for their time, contribution and dedication to the NHS in Dorset.