Our Supporting Stronger Voices (SSV) Forum was originally designed to enable NHS Dorset CCG to support, inform and involve patient, carer and public representatives from the key community, voluntary and local authority groups that we worked with. Working with Our Dorset Public Engagement Group colleagues in 2018, we reviewed the membership of the group to ensure that all the communities and groups that they worked with were included. Amongst many others, representative town and parish councillors and hospital public governors were invited to join.

The objectives of our Supporting Stronger Voices forum are:

• the opportunity for public, patient, carer and voluntary/community representatives to meet together and build relationships
• information and updates to help develop a collaborative understanding of Dorset’s health and care system
• opportunity for people to provide their views on areas of Dorset’s health and care system, to inform service provision or change
• opportunities for training to support members of stronger voices

Our Dorset SSV will meet about every 6 months and the agenda will be developed with members.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about our Supporting Stronger Voices Forum please email our team at communications@dorsetccg.nhs.uk.