Sharing ideas and methods to improve public involvement

Hi I’m Casey I work for the CCG in the Engagement team. I am an Engagement Champion, and it is my job to get you involved in any opportunities that come up to shape your NHS.

Across Our Dorset we have over 80 Engagement Champions. This means that I have undertaken the relevant training. You can find our more about the Engagement Champion training here.

Have you heard of Our Dorset? Its where all the NHS organisations, local authorities and the voluntary sector have joined up our approach to working. So that when we look at making improvements, we look at the whole picture rather than just a small piece of the puzzle.

Us Engagement Champions have a kind of social media site that we can all access. It is hosted and supported by NHS England. It is a place where we can discuss work that we are doing, promote view seeking projects and ask for ideas and support.

As you can see from the image above, we have a Discussion Area, an area where Engagement Resources are uploaded to, News and Updates and a blog area.

It is a way for us to review the way we are all working to do public involvement. It means that we can evaluate how well we are working, and what we can do better.

Part of my job in the CCG is to moderate this site, get discussions started and encourage engagement champions across Our Dorset to use it. We will be meeting up throughout the year face-to-face as well, to keep the momentum going.

We are passionate as a team about getting you, the public, involved in shaping your NHS. It is early days, but already I am seeing changes to the way we work and a sense of team work and camaraderie that has formed between the Engagement Champions which can only mean positive things for the future of public involvement.

Written by Casey Townsend,

Engagement and Communications Coordinator, NHS Dorset CCG