MSK Matters

Dorset CCG, in collaboration with local clinicians and Active Dorset, are pleased to announce the launch of the MSK Matters website.

The website is still under construction and will soon include services and useful tools which GPs and other clinicians will be able to access.

For the patient, it provides self-management tools which will enable them to exercise within their own homes.

We hope the website will empower patients to control and self-manage their Musculoskeletal symptoms and conditions.

As part of the COVID-19 response, this will offer an alternative option to those who are on wait lists, were receiving treatment or are yet to refer into services.

As part of the Dorset wide Physiotherapy services review, we have collaborated with clinicians, managers and members of the public to develop a self-referral route to Outpatients Physiotherapy department.

This service is now available to access on the MSK Matters website, where you can also access self-management tools to help you manage your condition within your own home.

Should the self-management tools be ineffective for your condition, there is an online self-referral form to be completed. Following the submission of your referral, a physiotherapist will be in contact within 48 hours once the physiotherapist has assessed the severity of your condition.

Currently this referral route excludes patients requiring specialist Physiotherapy. If you require Women’s or Men’s Health, Neurological, Respiratory or Paediatric Physiotherapy, you will require a direct referral to your local specialist service through your GP.

Please note: Most initial physiotherapy appointments will be carried out via telephone, options of video consultations and face to face when appropriate and safe to do so. Currently no group sessions will take place.