MSK Matters

Dorset CCG, in collaboration with local clinicians and Active Dorset, are pleased to announce the launch of the MSK Matters website.

The website is still under construction and will soon include services and useful tools which GPs and other clinicians will be able to access.

For the patient, it provides self-management tools which will enable them to exercise within their own homes.

We hope the website will empower patients to control and self-manage their Musculoskeletal symptoms and conditions.

As part of the COVID-19 response, this will offer an alternative option to those who are on wait lists, were receiving treatment or are yet to refer into services.

The Pan-Dorset Musculoskeletal Triage service is a new triage service, for people experiencing musculoskeletal (MSK) problems. This may include problems with joints, muscles and other soft tissues such as ligaments and nerves. It is run by highly trained physiotherapists known as musculoskeletal practitioners.

Read more information about the Pan Dorset Musculoskeletal Triage Service.