The aim of the Medicines Optimisation Team (MOT) is to enable patients and healthcare professionals to get the best from their medicines. We do this primarily by working collaboratively and holistically with healthcare professionals in both primary (including CCG) and secondary care, to support and facilitate prescribing interventions with a view to optimising the care of and use of medicines in individual patients. We support the commissioning teams within the health economy to ensure compliance with legislation, best practice guidance and enable the safe and cost effective delivery of pharmaceutical services to patients.

The Dorset formulary aims to cover 80-90% of prescribing across the Dorset health economy and is available at The area prescribing committee, Dorset Medicines Advisory Group, is supported by a series of working groups to produce recommendations to the CCG on the safe and effective introduction of medicines onto the formulary within a “traffic light” categorisation. Guidance and information from national bodies such as Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) also inform the work of DMAG and the MOT. The CCG has a statutory responsibility to implement NICE technology appraisals within 90days of publication. Individual funding requests are required for treatments not covered

Medicines Management Standards

The following guidance documents set out the procedures to be followed to ensure the legal, safe and secure handling of medicines, including prescribing, ordering, dispensing, storage and administration. They aim to ensure the highest standards of medicines management, and thus minimise the risk of medicines errors.

The guidance is presented as a series of ‘Medicines Standards’ covering all aspects of the medicines use process and applies to all medical, nursing, pharmacy and allied health professions involved in medicines management activities in Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group.

The Medicines Standards are arranged in 5 broad groups, as follows: