What is NHS-funded Nursing Care?

NHS-funded Nursing Care (FNC) is the funding provided by the NHS to care homes providing nursing, to support the provision of nursing care by a registered nurse for those assessed as eligible.

What is not included in NHS-funded Nursing Care?

It does not include:

  • Time spent by non-nursing staff such as care assistants in providing care
  • The costs of the wider non-nursing care
  • Accommodation provided for the individual.

What is registered nurse input for NHS-funded Nursing Care?

Registered nurse input is defined as services provided by a registered nurse and involving either the provision of care or the planning, supervision or delegation of the provision of care to an individual in a registered nursing bed.

What is the NHS-funded Nursing Care Process?

The home manager will advise us of your admission and need for assessment of NHS-funded Nursing Care (FNC). A practitioner (this will be registered nurse) will contact the home and yourself and/or your representative to arrange to undertake a determination for FNC and consideration of whether a full assessment is required for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC). If the individual has partial NHS funding e.g. under Section 117 aftercare arrangements, the home manager will send us the required change of circumstances form. You or your legal representative will be notified in writing of the FNC outcome.

If you are eligible for NHS-funded Nursing Care, a weekly payment of £187.60 per week from 01 April 2021 (previously £183.92 from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 per week) is paid directly to the nursing home. FNC will also be paid to individuals meeting FNC criteria who are accessing respite for periods of up to 6 weeks and the home will apply for this as per a standard application, notifying us if the person leaves, or remain as a permanent resident. It is not necessary to apply for FNC where an individual is in receipt of full NHS funding either via CHC, fast track or Discharge 2 Assess.

Will entitlement to NHS-funded Nursing Care be reviewed?

Entitlement will be reviewed initially after three months and then annually.  Funding may stop if:

  • It is determined the individual no longer has nursing needs
  • They are no longer resident in a care home that provides nursing
  • They become eligible for full NHS funding e.g. NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC).

What if I don’t agree with the outcome?

  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a decision relating to your eligibility for NHS-funded Nursing Care, you are entitled to ask for a review of that decision. If you remain dissatisfied following local re-consideration, you can pursue the matter through the NHS complaints procedure.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Personal Health Commissioning Team via continuing.care@dorsetccg.nhs.uk or telephone 0300 303 4410.