The first step in the process for most people will be a screening process using the checklist. The Assessment and Decision Process Checklist is a screening tool used to identify if an individual needs to be referred for full consideration of whether you qualify for NHS continuing healthcare funding (The National Framework, pages 25-26).

Decision Support Tool

If you are referred for a full assessment for NHS continuing healthcare funding the Decision Support Tool will be completed following a multidisciplinary assessment.  The Decision Support Tool provides a framework to record the various needs in the twelve care domains and should result in an overall picture of the individual’s needs that captures their nature, complexity, intensity and/or unpredictability (The National Framework, pages 27-29).

Fast Track Tool

The Fast Track Application Form is used if you have a rapidly deteriorating condition that may be entering a terminal phase (The National Framework, pages 63-68).

Home First – Discharge from hospital

In line with the national Hospital Discharge policy and the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare,  assessments including Fast Track will no longer take place in hospital, however consideration will be given as to whether an individual may need an assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare or Fast track funding as part of their assessment of care and support needs following discharge.  For more details, please visit Our Dorset – Home First .


Eligibility recommendations made by the multidisciplinary team are sent to NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group’s offices to be ratified.

Whatever the outcome of your assessment you will receive formal notification of the decision in writing.  Your letter will contain the following information:

  • Date of the assessment/period under review

  • The decision

  • Who made the decision

  • Full rationale and assessed level of need for each domain

  • Full rationale for each of the key indicators (nature, complexity, intensity and unpredictability)

  • Information of how to obtain reimbursement if you are found eligible

  • Information about your right of a review of the eligibility decision

  • Contact number for you to call with any queries you might have