Healthy lifestyle – do you have one?

That’s the question the Royal Crescent PPG wanted to ask their fellow patients. But they wanted to help people get the information they needed to help them lead one.

They came up with the idea of holding a Health Living information event and to invite local people to join them to find out more about a wide range of health conditions, what support there is out there and how they might go about leading a healthier life.

Working with the practice, the team made all the arrangements for the event and heavily promoted it using posters, leaflets, social media and local newspapers with each PPG member targeting an area of Weymouth. The event also featured on the practice website and waiting room screen. The team invited a wide range of health providers, support groups, exercise groups and health information providers, amongst which were LiveWell Dorset, the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, and a local ‘Cook Healthy’ champion.

The event was hugely successful and drew great feedback from those who attended.

If your PPG would like to do something similar, we can put you in touch with the Royal Crescent PPG or speak to our team for advice on how to get started