Following the dismissal of the judicial review brought by Anna Hinsull of Swanage against Dorset CCG, we are aware of information circulating in the media and online by a campaign group claiming that changes to local services will mean that 180 people per year that currently go to Poole A&E by ambulance will die.

Dorset CCG totally rejects this claim.

No evidence, research or statements have been provided by the campaign group to Dorset CCG to support their claim. We are also not aware of any A&E doctor supporting this statement. We consider making such a claim with no evidence to support it to be highly misleading and irresponsible.

Recent research from Sheffield University has shown that similar changes to those proposed to Dorset A&E departments resulted in no increases in deaths. The study looked at 5 A&E departments over 2 years. Read the full report, ‘Closing five Emergency Departments in England’.