The following statement has been issued in response to a call for an independent review into the reorganisation of local health services from Weymouth and Portland councillors.

“Throughout the CSR process we followed the correct procedures by presenting to local Health Scrutiny Committees and working closely with them to answer their questions. Members of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council are part of the Dorset Health Scrutiny Committee, and would have been able to feed back at their Council meeting. All Scrutiny Committees are held in public should any councillor wish to attend.

Local councillors were also able to take part in the public consultation which saw over 18,500 responses.

It is important to recognise that beds at Portland Hospital would not be used for emergency cases and the majority of Weymouth and Portland residents would still use the Emergency Department (or A&E) at Dorset County Hospital. The most serious cases would go to a hospital that specialises more with certain procedures; this is the same as what happens now.

The full report on responses is available via which clearly shows the responses from Weymouth and Portland were not grouped with any other localities.

Overall we (NHS Dorset CCG) are disappointed that we were not made aware of this motion by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, nor invited to present our case or be heard, particularly at the current time when there is a large amount of misinformation being circulated by an increasingly political campaign group, following the Judicial Review brought by Anna Hinsull being dismissed on all seven grounds by the High Court Judge.”

Chief Officer for NHS Dorset CCG Tim Goodson

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