Written by Casey Townsend

Communications and Engagement Coordinator at Dorset CCG

casey.townsend@dorsetccg.nhs.uk   @CaseyJTownsend


Psychiatric care within hospitals is set to improve.

Last week I was working at the first Psychiatric Liaison workshop.

People representing different organisations across Dorset came together to brainstorm what psychiatric care within our hospitals could look like.

On my table there were representatives from CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services), Dorset HealthCare, Poole Hospital and community nursing. They were (amongst other job titles) managers and nurses, who have worked front line and behind the scenes.

The discussions around the room were passionate and animated. It was obvious that everyone was keen to work together for the interests of the patients.  A key focus was making the service equitable for people of all ages. Also, linking dementia care, drug and alcohol services and psychiatric liaison services to work better together.

It was recognised by everyone in the room that we need to be treating people as unique individuals and having specialist staff so that patients who are having a mental health crisis are seen by the right people and have ongoing support.

The Connections the phone line service was discussed as a key component for people who are suffering from a mental health crisis – where you can now call 111 and select mental health for advice and support.

This workshop was following view seeking with patients and staff and benchmarking of good practice across the country. The improvements to mental health services are part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The next workshop is next week and I will tweet an update following that. Follow me @CaseyJTownsend.

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