Project Description

Delegated responsibility for Primary Care Commissioning provides the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) with the opportunity to have more local decision making, working closely with local partners to further improve out-of-hospital care and making local commissioning decisions based on the best outcomes for patients.

Additional responsibilities include:

Key areas of work

  • To address national and local challenges in primary care, the Dorset Primary Care Commissioning Strategy was first published in 2016. The refreshed GP Strategy Refresh 2019-2024 responds to the challenges and opportunities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan and GP Contract reform guidance whilst strengthening primary care commissioning to meet local population needs as a fully delegated Clinical Commissioning Group.   
  • All GP Practices in the CCG are core members of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and there are 18 PCNs across Dorset based on GP registered lists, typically serving communities of around 30-50,000.   Primary Care Networks
  • Through these Networks GPs can share ideas and ways to improve ways of working as commissioners and providers of services to support local communities more effectively by treating a broader range of health conditions, improving the quality of GP services and giving patients better access.   For information on what is available speak to your local practice or visit

Network Development

  • Support to Primary Care Networks and the wider ICS in order that more joined up care for the Dorset population can be provided including close working with Clinical Leads, Networks of practices, PPGs and the wider ICS including community, voluntary and acute providers;

  • Engage with the membership at a local level to enable effective interaction between all primary care functions, localities and the wider health community. The team coordinate a programme of meetings and events.

  • Review, deliver and embed Care Models including Enhanced Health in Care Homes and Long Term Conditions; Develop Personalised Care to ensure it is integral within every cae model; Using Population Health Management to understand inequalities across the Dorset ICS and utilising this within the delivery of care models.

Commissioning and Contracting

  • Ensure the population of Dorset has access to high quality and sustainable integrated primary and community care services to achieve the best possible outcomes.  Understand population needs, demand and capacity to support outcome based commissioning.  Support the development of Network business models and contractual options to enable commissioning at right scale.

  • Support Dorset GP practices with all aspects of managing and fulfilling their contractual obligations, both with their national and local contracts.  Provide contractual and quality assurance at Practice and Network level and develop resilience and sustainability  of general practice as foundations of PCNs.

  • Support the development of network business models and contractual options to enable commissioning at right scale.  

Infrastructure and Workforce Planning

  • In partnership with General Practices, develop Local Strategic Estate Plans which record the current condition of the primary care estate, set out a vision for the future and identify action plans and priorities;

  • Ensure that the Dorset STP Estate, Technology and Workforce Strategies take full account of the plans and challenges associated with the Primary and Community Care estate.

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