The overarching purpose of the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Clinical Delivery Group is to support our organisational mission by providing oversight and accountability for the transformation of models of mental health and learning disabilities service provision in Dorset.

Key areas of work

  • Accountability for delivering new national access standards for mental health services,

  • Responsibility for co-ordinating the mental health Crisis Care Concordat action plan for Dorset,

  • Support completion of relevant Senate and Gateway actions,

  • Early intervention in psychosis,

  • Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT),

  • Psychiatric liaison services,

  • Transforming Care Plan for learning disabilities,

  • Accountability and responsibility for implementing parity of esteem for those with serious mental illness and dementia,

  • Delivery of the 5 year vision for mental health and learning disabilities.

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Management

Dr. Paul FrenchClinical Lead
Sally SandcraftDeputy Director