The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen primary care change the way it works in order to continue to offer care to registered patients, whilst at the same time delivering a life-saving vaccination programme.

The use of virtual consultations has continued to increase alongside the use of online consultations which enable patients to complete an online form which is then reviewed by GPs, recommending the next steps as appropriate.

Throughout the pandemic, face-to-face appointments have continued, with nearly three million taking place in the last twelve months – twice as many as virtual appointments during the same period.

In addition, over ¼ million eConsult forms were completed along with one and a half million telephone appointments.

Since the launch of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in December 2020 over a million doses have been delivered. If you haven’t yet had both of your jabs it isn’t too late to book an appointment.

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General Practice in Dorset is well above the national average in all areas according to the national 2021 GP Patient Survey.

88% of patients describe their overall experience of their GP practice as good – well above the national average whilst 86% were satisfied with the appointment (or appointments) they were offered.