The first PPG webinar in January 2021 was created to provide useful information and updates to PPG members during the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Following the success of the first event, a series of webinars were devised on a broad range of subjects to help keep members informed about health services in Dorset.

Links to each of the webinars are below, for any questions please contact Gill Foott or Jim Gammans:

Webinar 1 – eConsult, held on 25th January & 4th February eConsult Webinar

Webinar 2 – Help and Kindness Webinar, held on 13th May

Webinar 3 – PPGs in Action, held on 16th June 2021 PPGs in Action webinar

Webinar 4 – Being an ICS, held on 21st July 2021 Being an ICS webinar

Webinar 5 – Wellbeing for winter, Held on 4th November Wellbeing for Winter webinar

Webinar 6 – Digital Health technologies, Held on 25th November Digital Health Technologies webinar