Following the success of last week’s walk-in COVID-19 vaccination session, additional walk-in clinics will be taking place on Wednesday and Thursday this week (22 and 23 December) at the TA Centre on Wallisdown Road (BH12 5AD).

Around 900 vaccinations were delivered in a day to local people at the initial session which took place on 15 December.

Sessions this week will run between 10am and 2pm with jabs delivered on a first come first served basis to those who are eligible, no appointment is needed. The walk-in sessions will run alongside a clinic for people who have booked appointments.

Please check your eligibility before attending.

It is estimated that around 400 jabs can be delivered each day.

There are over 30 sites delivering vaccinations in Dorset – anyone who is eligible is encouraged to get their first, second or booster jab as soon as they can, either by booking ahead or attending a walk-in session when advertised.

You can either wait for your GP practice to contact you or book via the national booking service (NBS) to get your jab or booster at a larger centre or pharmacy. Alternatively search online for Grab a Jab to find local walk-in sessions.

Local GP and clinical lead for the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Dorset, Dr Andy Rutland said “We were thrilled with the reaction to the walk-in session last week where the team delivered around 900 jabs in a day, far more than we planned to do.

“With demand increasing across the county, I would recommend everyone who is eligible gets theirs as soon as they can to get the best possible protection over the coming weeks and months.”

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