The co-design process began with two workshops in April and May 2021 attended by our wider stakeholder group (those who have an interest in, or are affected by autism).

These initial “validate” workshops supported stakeholders to take ownership and articulate what has been learnt so far, while also developing shared principles and success criteria to inform the subsequent co-design workshops. You can find more information about the co-design process from the slides presented at workshop 1 below.

Slides from validate workshop 1

Easy Read – Slides from validate workshop 1

Thank you to those individuals who attended these workshops. Your contributions will provide an invaluable foundation of knowledge and principles for the next stage.

With the “validate” stage of the process complete the series of co-design workshops, attended by a cross-section of nominated individuals from across Dorset, begins. You can find more information about the series of co-design workshops from the “Next steps” slides presented at validate workshop 2 below.

Next steps