Those stakeholders who attended our first design events included representatives from schools, public health nursing, early years, speech and language, special educational needs, parents and carers, and children and young people. We shared ideas on how we could deliver the Balanced System® outcomes in Dorset.

The main high-level themes coming out of the events were:
• Common approach and language
• Training for all – multidisciplinary/parents and carers
• One information resource
• Everybody’s business

Download a more detailed summary of event feedback.


A further Event 2 was held on 10th February 2021 and the main high-level themes were:

  • Training for all setting staff.
  • Raise knowledge, skills and awareness of parents.
  • Ensure transition arrangements are in place.
  • Central resource of tools/information.
  • Standardise/approve symbols and resources.
  • Audits of staff skills, training and environments.
  • Whole school involvement.
  • Identify communication champion in each setting.
  • Network of key contacts/leads.  Joined up working.

Download a more detailed summary of event feedback.


A Co-production and Beyond Touchpoint Event took place on 8th July 2021.  This provided us with the opportunity to reflect on what has been learned so far during the co-design stage and also to look forward to the next steps.

During the event attendees took part in a short interactive session on Workforce Development.  Please click on the link below to see a summary of the results of the session.

Speech and Language Touchpoint Event 3 Workforce Development Survey Results Summary

Attendees  raised a number of questions as part of the Workforce Development session.  Please click on the link below to see these questions and answers.

Speech and Language Touchpoint Event 3 Questions and Answers

During the Touchpoint Event one of the main points raised was in relation to the training available now for schools.  A list of training available as at 14 July 2021 has been compiled and this can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Speech and Language Touchpoint Event 3 Schools Training Information


Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our design events so far.  We will continue to use these ideas to inform our plans.

Let us know that you would like to be involved.