A survey was developed to seek the views of local people and staff on a number of priority areas for the development of health and wellbeing in Dorset (in line with the aspirations of the NHS Long Term Plan).

The view seeking ran for 5 weeks (ending on 18 August 2019) and was widely promoted across all health, care and voluntary sector communication networks, via social media and twitter, in the press and through a series of face-to-face events with stakeholder groups, staff, the community and voluntary sector and Dorset Race Equality Council.

The views were independently collated and analysed by Bournemouth University’s Market Research Group. A mid-point review was carried out to review who had responded so far. Ongoing promotion was then targeted to ensure a good representative spread across Dorset’s geography, demography and diversity.

There were almost 900 individual responses to the view seeking – plus feedback from a number of workshops and events held throughout the view seeking period.

This response is very pleasing and for the mathematicians amongst you – this indicates that there is a 95% chance that the results are representative of the Dorset population to within ±3.28%.

Feedback was received from a number of sources, with representation from people with varied characteristics across a broad range of demographic groups. The full report will be available to read in March 2020 on our website.

Healthwatch Dorset also promoted opportunity to take part in two national survey’s linked to the aspirations of the NHS Long Term Plan.

All themed feedback and representative comments have been reflected in the Our Dorset – Looking Forward plan.

Feedback is currently being developed so that we can let local people know how their views have informed the plans. This will include a suite of materials including video clips, an animated slide deck and a detailed document showing “You said – we did/are doing/planning”. This will be widely shared in the Spring of 2020.

Here is an example of feedback received about public engagement and our response.

You said…..

It is important to inform and involve people in the development of health and care services. You want us to find creative and varied ways to hear people’s voices, ensuring clear opportunity for people to be involved. You want us to let you know that views have been listened to and how they have informed plans.

We Did/Are Doing/Will Do…..

This reflects other feedback from local stakeholders across Our Dorset ICS. In response our current approach to public engagement has a strong focus on working in partnership with local people and communities and the voluntary sector.

Dorset ICS has developed a system-wide Public Engagement Group, Engagement and Communication Networks (including the voluntary sector), a Supporting Stronger Voices network of local people, active Patient Participation Groups across GP practices and a network of 80 staff Engagement Champions – recently trained to have a consistent approach to engagement, experience, facilitation and co-design.

We work closely with the Voluntary and Community Sector and Dorset Race Equality Council and meet regularly with a group of Community Leaders who represent a wide range of diverse communities.

We will continue to explore new, creative and varied ways of involving and informing people – working closely with our Primary Care Networks, putting local people at the centre of discussions and ensuring opportunity for all.

Our Dorset – Looking Forward

View the Long Term Plan Report here