Patients needing to travel to Covid-19 related appointments, or routine essential NHS appointments are being supported by an interim transport service which uses specially adapted vehicles to enable social distancing.  This Non-Emergency Patient Transport service is now available to patients who may not have met the eligibility criteria for the service before Covid-19.

The vehicles being used to provide this service have been partitioned, crews and patients will use provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves and vehicles will be cleaned between patient journeys.  These measures have been put in place to ensure that patients can be kept safe on their journeys to their appointments.

Emma Moggeridge, Programme Lead for Non-Emergency Transport for NHS Dorset CCG, said, “Prior to Covid-19 some patients will have made their own way to their appointments using public transport, family and friends, and community voluntary car schemes.  Now, however, due to restrictions we are all living with, these options may not be available to them.  To help patients during Covid-19, we have therefore relaxed the eligibility criteria for our non-emergency transport service to enable more patients to access it as a means of travel to their appointments.  We are also working to ensure that non-Dorset residents are safely returned home after receiving treatment at our hospitals.”

Anyone having difficulty in arranging travel to their Covid-19 related, or routine essential NHS appointments should contact our Patient Transport Advice Centre 01278 727457. Callers to PTAC will have their needs assessed by a member of the team.