As we head towards the festive season, it’s likely that many of us will be drinking more than we usually would. While the odd festive tipple is fine, the NHS in Dorset is reminding people to drink in moderation – particularly those caring for children and young people.

Drinking alcohol can lower your response times and make you more careless, so it’s important that if you’re drinking at home and are responsible for children and young people that you’re able to take care of them like you would normally.

This includes being aware and able to step in if your child is in a potentially dangerous situation, such as playing by a window or near plug sockets.

Be extra careful to drain bath tubs and shut stair gates, and to ensure that children don’t have access to cupboards containing cleaning products, chemicals or medications.

Shiela Willoughby, Designated Nurse for Children at NHS Dorset CCG, said: “While it’s tempting to have that extra glass of wine or beer, especially at this time of year, it’s always okay to say no, especially if you are responsible for children or young people. You’re not a killjoy for wanting to make sure your children are safe.

“Remember to stay in control and ensure you are able to meet your children’s needs and wellbeing.

“We’d also encourage people to plan ahead and make sure at least one adult in your household or bubble is sober and able to get help should the need arise.

“We’re not saying don’t have fun this festive season, but to make sure you and the children in your care are able to have fun together, safely.”

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