A new pop-culture inspired campaign has been launched by the local NHS to help ease the pressure felt by local services.

Using references from film and TV, the campaign is asking people to make sure they know the best way to couple up with local services should stranger things happen and they require help or are just feeling peaky.

The campaign has been designed to appeal to people aged between 18-35 and has been created to relay the message about alternatives to emergency departments in a light-hearted way and ask people to think about where they could be best treated.

The campaign has been designed by the Communications and Engagement team at NHS Dorset CCG and has already been spotted on buses along with social media; it will be shortly be seen outdoors, placed across the county in areas from which a large number of local people visit their local emergency department.

A spokesperson for NHS Dorset CCG said “What was a few years ago referred to as winter pressure is now felt most of the year round by NHS partners so we wanted to do something a bit different with this year’s campaign – trying to get the message across in a fun, and eye-catching way.

As a team, we have been inspired by things that we have all been watching, be it reality shows, dramas or the latest blockbuster films and whilst we are not suggesting people should not use emergency departments, we are asking people to stop and think – could I be better treated elsewhere?

If we can persuade just a small number of them to seek help elsewhere we can help ease the pressure and make capacity available for people who may need it more.”

For more information on where to get help if you become ill visit www.staywelldorset.nhs.uk.

New campaign inspired by pop-culture