Making autism services work for children and young people in Dorset

Thank you to the children and young people who took part in our survey about autism services in Dorset. You shared your stories openly with us, and we are grateful that you took the time to do this.

We did this survey because the NHS, councils and voluntary sector are currently working together to improve the way autistic people in
Dorset are helped to live their lives.

We would like autistic children and young people to have the chance to help us design how autism services might look for them.

We asked children and young people what they thought about our ideas so far, and for any other ideas and thoughts.

Please see the results of the survey here.

What happens now?

The ideas and feedback have been fed into suggested designs for autism care and support in Dorset. The suggestions are currently being shared and talked about with people and organisations across Dorset who have an interest in autism. This will help to decide what changes can be made, and when, to help improve autism services for autistic people in Dorset.

Further updates on progress will be posted on the main All Age Autism Review page.