Mental Health Rehabilitation Services work with individuals with complex psychosis whose needs cannot be met by general adult mental health services.

Last year, we worked with Dorset Mental Health Forum to speak to people who had used rehabilitation services in Dorset. We wanted to find out what people’s experiences of these services had been.

The survey we developed was for patients, staff and wider stakeholder groups too. Dorset Mental Health Forum carried out face to face interviews where possible with patients as well as with staff.

Using feedback from this, and working with the Project Steering Group, we agreed the values of the Rehabilitation Pathway.

These were the agreed values of the Rehabilitation Pathway:

We are now implementing the changes that were decided by the Project Steering Group.

The outcome of the rehab review was for the 2 inpatient units, Nightingale House and Glendinning to remain open. We concluded that these two units were sufficient to provide the inpatient bed capacity and therefore Nightingale Court was no longer required.

The final rehab model was tested through scrutiny meetings including the CCG governing body, Health Overview Scrutiny Committees and stage 1 NHS England  assurance. The agreed outcome was:

• Two Stepdown units (9 beds in the west and 13 beds in the east) and provided by the NHS
• Community Rehab Team and Assertive Outreach Teams
• Supported Housing Units (21)
• The development of a High Dependency Unit (HDU) unit with 14 beds

The HDU is a part of the preferred model but the development of the community services is not dependent on the HDU. The HDU will be the final part of the pathway to be developed.

There are 3 stages to the implementation:

Next steps

Nightingale Court is due to officially close in January 2021 and the staff consultation is underway.

The recruitment is underway for the Community Rehabilitation Team (CRT) and to expand the Assertive Outreach Team (AOT).

We will keep you updated on this review on our webpage:

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