Its nearly our due date!

Our new website, ‘Maternity Matters Dorset’  launched in March 2019.

Following the national Better Births review in 2016, the NHS in Dorset sought the views of over 600 families to find out how we could best support them. They told us they wanted ‘one trusted source of local information, information for dads and partners and one place to self-refer’.

In response, we worked with local families, midwives, health visitors, our ‘Maternity Voices’ representatives and partner organisations, to co-design the ‘Maternity Matters Dorset’ website – an online guide to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We also involved local dads in developing a local guide for Dad’s and partners called Dorset DadPad, and developed an online self-referral form which is included on the new maternity website.

This online tool is the result of a huge amount of collaborative working and the professionals and families we have asked to review it, are, so far, delighted with the outcome. We hope that families that use it will find it a helpful and re-assuring guide.

The ‘Maternity Matters Dorset’ website launches on 11 March 2019.