We want children and young people to have the best mental health and wellbeing.  

We also understand that local people and communities have the experience and expertise that can help us shape what these services might look like. 

Over the next few months we are seeking views on what people feel is good or helpful about children and young people’s mental health services in Dorset.  We also want to know what would make these services better. 

We’re really excited to have co-designed the ‘look’, style, colour scheme, title and survey for the view seeking with local young people.    










They also told us how they would like to have their say and in response we have launched a new Instagram account and will sending our information on this, as well as via other social media.   

At their request we are also going to where young people are – local school, youth groups, support groups, clubs, etc.  We have a jam-packed schedule and are really looking forward to it. 

We’re also delighted that Healthwatch Dorset have offered to complement the work we are doing by seeking the views of some groups that we hear from less often, including young people who are homeless, young refugees and young offenders. 

Our survey is running across the whole of February and groups and meetings until the end of March 2020. 

The survey is available in online, hard copy and easy-read formats.   

Check it out online at Your Mind, Your Say.