Patient Participation Groups (PPG)

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What is a PPG?

PPG stands for Patient Participation Group. Each GP practice in England should have a PPG. This might be a virtual (online only) group or one that holds meetings in person. Or, it might be a bit of both.

What does a PPG do?

The job of a PPG is to represent the views and interests of patients and the local community.

All PPGs are different but the things they do include:

• Helping to produce GP practice newsletters and information leaflets

• Carrying out patient surveys to find out what patients think about certain services

• Feeding back ideas and concerns to help shape services and improve patient experiences

• Help to organise health promotion events

Many PPGs have a main group whilst using online tools (such as email) to communicate with their wider patient group.

Why are PPGs important?

PPGs allow patients to get involved with their GP practice and help to improve and shape local services.

The groups are usually made up of a mixture of patients and staff from the practice. This means they can work together to make sure patients are put first and can influence any decisions that are made about healthcare and services.

How to get involved

Anyone can join the PPG at their GP practice – just speak to the staff to find out more about their group.

You can also choose how involved you want to be with your PPG, including signing up to receive the latest news and taking part in surveys, to joining the main group and attending their meetings. Most importantly, participation is voluntary and every contribution is valued.