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Who are Maternity Voices?

Maternity Voices (Maternity Services Liaison Committee) is a way for maternity service providers and commissioners (who buy services for the local area) to hear the real opinions and experiences of parents using local maternity services, so maternity services can be improved for local women, parents and families across Dorset.

Maternity Voices representatives

Trucie MitchellWest Dorset
Trucie lives in Dorchester with her husband, 3 year old daughter, nearly 1 year old son and an elderly ginger tomcat. She had her first baby at the age of 41 at Dorset County Hospital and her second at home in a birth pool in the kitchen. She trained to become a volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporter to help other mums who choose to breastfeed after finding it so painful, confusing and difficult herself that she nearly gave up. Trucie’s background is in children’s book publishing where she was responsible for illustrations and graphic design – as well as the office running club. Before that, she led the fund raising team for three children’s hospices. With a diverse set of skills and experiences, including the recently added ability to chat endlessly about Thomas the Tank Engine with a three year old, Trucie is passionate about making maternity services in Dorset match what mums and dads want.
Rachel FilmerEast Dorset
Rachel lives in Poole with her husband and their twin boys. After a long NICU stay with her twins, she has a special interest in support for parents of premature babies and those with additional needs, but is passionate about equal access to high quality maternity services for all Dorset residents.

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