How and when will unpaid carers be able to access their COVID-19 vaccination? 

  • Unpaid carers who are eligible under JCVI priority group 6 are now being invited to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination.
  • All eligible unpaid carers will be contacted by the NHS when it’s their turn to receive the vaccine and will be given information about how they should access their vaccination either at their local GP surgery, pharmacy or at a large vaccination centre. Where caring responsibilities are shared, both individuals can be classed as primary carers and receive a vaccination.
  • Carers will be contacted in phases, starting with those registered with their GP who are identified by the ‘GP carer’s flag’ and those entitled to receive a carer’s allowance.
  • If you are an eligible unpaid carer and you will be accompanying the person you care for to their vaccination appointment at their local GP vaccination service, and you haven’t received your invitation yet, if you wish to receive your vaccination at the same time you must make this known to the GP surgery in advance to confirm an appointment. The vaccination sites are not able to support walk-in appointments.
  • Government guidance on how unpaid carers in England, who care for a person vulnerable to COVID-19, can get vaccinated can be found here.

Information correct as at 08/03/2021