Like many other PPGs we have been holding regular meetings using Zoom social media.

As our patients are drawn from not only Sherborne, but from the many villages surrounding the town, we have relied heavily on social media  such as Facebook to communicate information to them. We have also built up a communication network through local village parish councils to reach those patients in our rural areas. This has been very important in aiding the Medical Centre by relaying health related information during the Covid-19 lockdown periods where face to face contact has been minimised.

We see the Town Council to be at the heart of our community and we now make a regular report on the activities of the PPG to every monthly meeting of councillors. We are lucky to have the councillor responsible for health matters as a member of our PPG, so she is able to front our monthly report at the council meetings.

Following the establishment of ‘Sherborne Viral Kindness’ in forming a large group of volunteers to provide practical help in the local community during the Covid-19 lockdown in March the PPG been able to draw upon some of the volunteers to help with the annual flu clinics. We have had a fantastic group of volunteers from both the PPG members and those who helped with ‘Sherborne Viral Kindness’ who have turned out rain or shine to help with patient parking at The Grove Medical Centre. This has been quite a challenge due to the location of the Medical Centre which is accessed from a street that has heavy parking. To date there has been 7 flu clinics with the eighth and final clinic taking place on the 12th December.

The Chairs of both The Grove and the Apples PPGs are now working with the Mayor of Sherborne to organise volunteers to man the forthcoming Covid-19 vaccination clinics to be held in the town for the patients of the Sherborne Area Primary Care Network.