We’ve been getting social with Instagram.

We’re passionate about involvement. And that’s why Instagram is so amazing. Visual, engaging, and a social media platform used by the under 35s. 

We launched our own CCG Instagram account in September 2019. Within just a few months, our audience has grown rapidly. There are now 290 followers of the CCG Instagram, and growing steadily.

 Instagram launched in October 2010, and in 2012, when Facebook purchased the photo-sharing platform it had 30 million active users. The platform now has an estimate 1 billion users – 1/10th of the population in the world. And what’s more – users under 35 make up over 70 per cent of users. According to recent figures, the age breakdown is roughly 7% 13-17, 32% 18-24, and 32% 25-34.

As much as possible, we’ve been trying to post images, video and Instagram stories that are engaging to our followers, and potential followers. And we’ve been trying to post content that’s visually interesting.

Posts have covered topics such as mental health and suicide prevention, stay well advice, sexual health. We’ve also been using Instagram to let more people know about what’s going on at the CCG, including a month-long series of posts showing CCG staff raising funds by taking part in Movember – covering prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

We’re also using Instagram to reach out to more young adults using its advertising functions as part of our Winter Campaign to let young adults know about the best NHS services to use, at the right time, rather than hospital Accident & Emergency departments. According to national and local data, one of the key audiences for these positive message are young adults, particularly men, between 20 – 29. In this example, we have tailored our images and video to involve these audiences as much as we can.

And we are planning to use Instagram, using short videos, as part of our young person’s mental health view seeking early in 2020.