Tell us about your experiences and help to improve services

NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is currently working with our healthcare partners to improve eye care services offered within Dorset.

Have you, or someone you care for, recently used specialist eye services in Dorset? For example, in the hospitals or in community settings, not standard eye tests.

If so, please share your experiences with us by completing our short online survey. The survey will be open until 28 February 2021.

Your views will help us to understand what your experience was and how we can improve the way these services are run.

We want to hear about your experiences, so we can make sure we incorporate what is meaningful to patients and use these as the goals of our transformation work. We want to create a service that is truly patient centred.

Thank you for helping us to understand what your experience has been so we can aim to improve the way these services are run.

You can make a real difference. 


More information about this work

What are we doing?

Dorset CCG, along with our clinical partner organisations, are aiming to improve upon the eye care services offered within Dorset. To do this we are undertaking a programme of work, through which we aim reduce waiting times and ensure patients are seen within a clinically appropriate timeframe. However, we know that it’s not just waiting times that are important to patients, and we also wish to incorporate what is meaningful to patients and use these as the goals of our transformation work, to create a service that is truly patient centred.

Why be involved?

By being involved in this work you are contributing to our knowledge of what our service users need from their eye care. This will help you and people like you to have a better experience of eye care that is tailored to your needs. Whether this is ensuring that you have access to information in the format you need it in, more involvement of your local optician practice, or appointment times after work ,we want to know what would make the service better for you.

Who do we want to involve?

We would like as many people as possible with experience of eye care services beyond standard eye sight tests to join this discussion. This includes:

  • Anyone who has attended either of the Eye Emergency departments in the county

Situated within the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital, and Dorset County Hospital

  • Those who have received treatment or monitoring for eye conditions

At our Dorset hospital sites, including our acute hospital sites as well as many of our community hospital sites.

  • Those who have had treatment or monitoring at our community sites

These are arranged through Evolutio Care Innovations Ltd, and may have been carried out at your normal optician practice or an optician practice close to you.

We are also interested to involve carers of those who have accessed eye care services within Dorset.

Please note this review does not include standard eye sight tests.

How will it help?

The information that we gather will be anonymised, and published on our website for complete transparency. We will conduct analysis to determine themes on the feedback and views given. We will then use the information you and others have given us to help us design the way our services will be delivered in the future, so that we know we are meeting the needs of our service users.

What will I need to do?

To gather views we are running a series of online discussion forums. These will take place online in line with COVID-19 restrictions. Dependant on the number of responses we have, there will be a number of these events taking place to enable as many people to attend as possible. If you would like to be involved please sign up , and we will send you further information on how to access these discussion forums.

Will you keep me informed?

We will be collating all information collected anonymously and will publish a report on this and our analysis of it on this website. In addition you are welcome to be added to an e-mailing list to be kept up to date with any information. Please email to sign up to the mailing list.

Where can I go for further information?

We will keep this webpage updated and for further information on the transformation programme of work please contact