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How can you be part of the Dementia Services Review?

We want to know if you think the proposed option would deliver higher quality dementia care and support to Dorset residents. Please read the consultation document and respond by filling in the survey by 11 August 2019.

Once the public consultation has closed, the responses will be carefully analysed by independent experts at Bournemouth University. The results will be fed back to the public and will be used to help the CCG’s Governing Body make its final decision.

Read the following information to help you complete the consultation survey.

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Our story

Why we need to change dementia services in Dorset

In Dorset, over 10,000 people are living with dementia and with Dorset’s growing population of older people this is likely to increase.

Our staff are working hard to provide the best care possible for people living with dementia. But things could be better if we developed our dementia services further.

That’s why we launched a review of dementia services. NHS Dorset CCG has been working with people affected by dementia or working in dementia services to look at how we can improve dementia services.

Together, we developed various options and selected a preferred way forward.

We want to make sure that no matter where someone lives in Dorset, if they are diagnosed with dementia they are offered high quality, compassionate care and support throughout their dementia journey and that their family carers also feel informed and supported.

How we developed the options

Working with over 300 people, including people living with dementia and their carers, we used all of the information from the needs analysis and the feedback from the view seeking to develop models for how dementia services in Dorset could be improved.

The participants identified the ideal services and created an initial long list of options. This long list was gradually narrowed down to a short list of options and then one preferred option was agreed.

More information on the ‘design and modelling’ can be found in the Strategic Outline Case.

Our proposals

The preferred option includes

For more information on our preferred option please read the consultation document.

Watch a short video about the proposals for dementia services in Dorset.

Next steps

Making a decision

We have not made any decisions yet and we will remain open-minded about the proposed options until after the public consultation has finished.

Once the public consultation has closed, the responses will be analysed by independent experts at Bournemouth University who are working with NHS Dorset CCG. We will share this feedback with the public. The independent consultation feedback evaluation report will be shared with the CCG’s Governing Body. All your comments will be considered alongside a range of other evidence and information, and will be used to help the CCG’s Governing Body to make its final decision in winter 2019.

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