To help ease Winter pressures, the Communications and Engagement Team used a new, data-led approach in its targeting this Winter 2019/20.

A new campaign was created with the aim of promoting flu vaccination among target groups, easing pressures on hospital Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments, and promoting pharmacy services.

To underpin the campaign, the Communications and Engagement Team approached the CCG Business Intelligence Unit for assistance. A key focus for the campaign was easing A&E pressures.

The Business Intelligence Unit worked to undertake a new data analysis of attendance at hospital A&E departments with the aim of providing data that could be used to better target marketing activity to ease A&E pressures. This data, represented as a data map, was used to identify target audiences for the campaign.

One of the key audiences identified locally in attending A&E when other services could have been accessed was young adults, particularly men, aged 20 – 29. This reflected national analysis as well.

The campaign was shaped from the data. In particular, the data was used to a) shape the creative and messaging, and b) identify the best way of reaching these audiences.

As a result, the campaign creative was devised with the aim of engaging young adults by using popular culture as a ‘hook’ for the campaign. For example, artwork and messages were created with a reference to films and television shows that are current and designed to be relevant to young adults in an original way.

Furthermore, advertising was planned to cover those areas of population identified by the data analysis. Outdoor advertising was sourced to cover these areas – with a focus on bus rear advertising and bus stop advertising. 

Digital advertising and content for the campaign was used in a similar way, with a focus on visual content (short videos and giffs). Instagram was used for the very first way in this way to reach young adults. Instagram is a channel accessed extensively by young adults, with specific geographical areas covered, as well as different age groups.

For example, an animated giff release to coincide with the new Star Wars film, aimed at young adults, resulted in very high levels of engagement, with 6,659 impressions, 28 retweets, 37 likes and 1,638 media plays.

This example demonstrates the value of the local data insights provided by the Business Intelligence Unit.

The Winter campaign supports the NHS Long Term Plan, “The NHS will reduce pressure on emergency hospital services.” (Section 2 of the Long Term Plan).

The impact of the campaign is currently being assessed to better inform future campaigns and communications activities aimed at easing pressures.