Parents may have received a national letter informing them that their CEV child is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination. Parents will now receive an invitation from either their GP or from Dorset HealthCare to attend a clinic near them. The children’s dose is different to the adult dose and only certain clinics can offer this vaccination.

Clinics will either be in a GP surgery (which might not be their own GP), a pop-up site operated by Dorset HealthCare or one of our vaccination centres at King’s Park Hospital, Bournemouth and Vespasian House, Dorchester.

Supplies of this specialised vaccine will only be available to a few clinics at a time. Eligible children will be invited to their nearest clinic as soon as they have the vaccine so parents should wait to be contacted.

Anyone who has any questions or concerns can contact  who will direct the query to the vaccination team.

Children living with immunosuppressed family members

Children who live in a household with immunosuppressed family members will also be able to use this vaccination service. This will be a walk-in service so if parents receive an invitation for their CEV child they can also bring siblings to the vaccination clinic when they visit.

Walk-in clinic times will be shared for all other children living with immunosuppressed family members to allow parents to bring children to clinics that are convenient.

Issues accessing the service

Anyone who has issues accessing the service, either the clinic or the times offered, can contact who will work to find an alternative.

Further information

To find out about eligibility and who is classified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable see the Government’s COVID-19 information.