Listening to the opinions and experiences of young people about the NHS –  Be Heard.

The Integrated Community Children’s Health Service (ICCHS) project aims to help improve physical health services for children and young people. Listening to what young people and their families/ carers have to say is an integral part of this.

Last summer, we asked young people in Dorset to tell us what they think about their NHS. We worked with some creative teenagers who helped to design the look and questions that we used. You can read the full report, or see the summary version.

The young people and parents/ carers who gave their opinions also had the opportunity to sign up to come to workshops to co-design how services could look.

Be Heard had the first of these events in October. There were 60 young people and decision makers who came along.

Abi Morgan, a Sixth Form student at the Blandford School, was involved in organising and running this event. Her input was extremely valuable. Not only did she spend time explaining it to her school friends and encouraging young people to get involved, she also did a presentation at the event to introduce the project!  A MASSIVE thank you to Abi from the team here at the CCG.

Here is some feedback about how it went in her own words:

– I got involved because the event is to do with MY health services and I wanted to ensure my voice was heard.

– I was extremely happy to be included in the day because I wanted to show that a young person has been involved since the beginning and in the whole process.

– What I hope will happen is that all our notes and input from the day are considered and they are used to create useful and active outcomes that will help all young people in Dorset.

– On the day it was a colourful, fun and inclusive environment for everyone, we all felt welcomed and were introduced on our tables to each other by our facilitators. The ice-breakers were great fun and got us all thinking about ourselves and how there are things we all love about ourselves.

– The food provided was lovely and had options for all people.

Find out how young people and others at the workshop felt things could be improved, and what they thought of the event in general here.

We will keep updating the website as the project continues to keep people informed.

For more information about the project, see  our webpage  or email

Meet the project team:

Jo  Jenney                                                  Penina Caswell

Programme Officer                                 Programme Lead



Abi Morgan, our young person and ambassador

Frances Aviss, Engagement and Communications and Engagement Lead

Claire Lawrenson, Senior Programme Lead