We have produced a range of both clinical and corporate policies to ensure that staff provide, and patients receive high quality care and treatment. ‘The Equality Analysis of our policies is attached at the end of the Policies’.

Clinical Policies

Clinical policies and criteria based access protocols in respect of treatments which are not routinely commissioned are currently being reviewed.

Where reviews have been completed, the updated policy or protocol has been incorporated on this site.

If you are unable to locate a policy which relates to a specific treatment or you would like to discuss the clinical criteria for access in respect of a particular treatment then please contact:

Individual Patient Treatment Team
First Floor West
Vespasian House
Barrack Road

Telephone no: 01305 368936
Email: individual.requests@dorsetccg.nhs.uk

Email: DOCCG.IndividualRequest@nhs.net (please use this email if sending patient identifiable information)

Individual Patient Treatment (IPT)

Corporate Policies

Medicines Management Standards

Medicines management standards

The following guidance documents set out the procedures to be followed to ensure the legal, safe and secure handling of medicines, including prescribing, ordering, dispensing, storage and administration. They aim to ensure the highest standards of medicines management, and thus minimise the risk of medicines errors.

The guidance is presented as a series of ‘Medicines Standards’ covering all aspects of the medicines use process and applies to all medical, nursing, pharmacy and allied health professions involved in medicines management activities in Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group.
The ‘Medicines Standards’ are arranged in 5 broad groups, as follows: