In November 2009 the Government passed the Autism Act covering all people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), including people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The Pan Dorset ASC Partnership Board

The Pan Dorset ASC Partnership Board has been meeting since January 2011. Prior to this, NHS Dorset and Dorset County Council developed a joint Dorset Autistic Spectrum Conditions Strategy, this moved to be Pan-Dorset in late summer 2010. The Strategy was officially launched at an event on 26th June 2012.

The Pan Dorset Autistic Spectrum Condition Partnership Board (PD ASC PB) is now established and meets four times a year. The minutes of meetings from the last year and the latest version of the Implementation Plan are available to view by clicking the green button further down this page.

The Pan Dorset ASC Partnership Board includes representatives from:

  • NHS Dorset CCG
  • Bournemouth Borough Council
  • Community Adult Asperger’s Service (CAAS)
  • Dorset Adult Asperger’s Support (DAAS) (self advocates, family carers)
  • Autism Wessex
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Dorset Police

Asperger’s presents many challenges for the individual, their families and statutory and non-statutory services. To help people understand more about Asperger’s, conferences were held in June 2010 and January 2011. This raised awareness and provided an opportunity to explore the nature of Asperger’s and support possibilities for individuals with this condition.  The conferences involved people with Asperger’s, their families and professionals from across Dorset. They highlighted the need for understanding Asperger’s, issues arising in the family setting and how to provide positive support and interventions for people who have Asperger’s.

Contacting the board

Chris Watson, Dorset County Council –

Community Adult Asperger’s Service

The pan Dorset ASC partnership Board is very pleased to see the expansion of the Community Adult Asperger Service into West Dorset.  As you may be aware there has been a diagnostic and consultation service for people with Asperger’s syndrome for over four years in the East of the county, which due to additional funding, is now being launched Pan Dorset to include those people who live in the west of Dorset (Weymouth, Portland, Bridport, Dorchester and north Dorset areas such as Sherborne, Sturminster and Gillingham).

We are now taking referrals for diagnosis through individual’s GPs. We also offer specialist assessment and treatment interventions. Our Occupational Therapist (OT) can provide Sensory Integration (SI) assessments and therapy sessions, Skills Assessments and some support around issues relating to employment.

The Clinical Psychologist can offer therapy for primary care problems for people who have not responded to support and treatments received from IAPT, or are ineligible for support from other teams. Additionally we offer a ‘post diagnostic group’ for newly diagnosed individuals and an ‘employment support group’ for those experiencing difficulty gaining and/or maintaining work. We have contacted all GP practices to explain how to make a referral to us.