Summary of CCG approved Data Protection Impact Assessments to assess privacy risks to new systems and services.

Reference: DPIA64 04/19

Summary: Proposal by Personal Health Commissioning (PHC) team to outsource the processing of the backlog of retrospective funding applications to a third party provider.

Date approved: 9 April 2019

Reference: DPIA65 05/19

Summary: Service to allow users from participating public sector organisations to gain secure internet access via WiFi at any GovRoam enabled site.

Date Approved: 23 May 2019

Reference: DPIA66 07/19

Summary: Proposal to run a query with GP practice computer systems to assist with determining the number of people diagnosed with dementia living in care homes in Dorset. Required to support attainment of the national dementia diagnosis rate.

Date Approved: 16 July 2019

Reference: DPIA67 07/19

Summary: Use of software called MiDatabank to log and manage medicine enquiries received by the pharmacy team. The software will provide the Medicines Optimisation team with the functionality to store enquiries and responses securely in an auditable way, aligning them with other pharmacy colleagues across Dorset.

Date Approved: 16 July 2019

Reference: DPIA68 07/19

Summary: Storage of staff personal contact details in the SMS alerting system and on call pager group to meet the CCG’s incident response duty. Acknowledgement of the potential for the CCG to be party to, and to facilitate the sharing of sensitive personal information about vulnerable individuals during a response to an incident.

Date Approved: 29 July 2019

Reference: DPIA69 08/19

Summary: Proposal to enable CCGs Skype for Business interoperability with NHSmail to support collaboration across health and social care partners.

Date Approved: 19 August 2019

Reference: DPIA70 09/19

Summary: Transfer of approval of applications to join the National GP Retention Scheme from NHS England to the CCG Primary Care Team

Date Approved: 10 September 2019

Reference: DPIA71 09/19

Summary: Procurement of the provision of complex care domiciliary services for one adult service user.

Date Approved: 10 September 2019

Reference: DPIA72 09/19

Summary: Application to use visual vitals technology, employing cameras as sensors to detect four vital signs.

Date Approved: 19 September 2019

Reference: DPIA73 10/19

Summary: Proposal for the configuration of Outlook calendar sharing between health and social care organisations in Dorset using Office 365 mail services.

Date Approved: 17 October 2019

Reference: DPIA 78 01/20

Summary: Dorset CCG have been delegated responsibility from NHS England for reimbursing Locums for sickness, parental and adoption leave.

Date Approved: 16 January 2020

Reference: DPIA 79 03/20

Summary: Proposal to use an app, to identify  those who may be at risk of kidney disease and proactively manage early interventions for the benefit of patient care.

Date Approved: 11 March 2020