The Mental Health Integrated Community Care (MHICC) project is a programme involving all partner organisations across Dorset’s Integrated Care System (ICS) ‘Our Dorset’, including primary care, hospitals, community care, local authorities and the community and voluntary sector. The aim of the project is to work together, with local people, to improve mental health support provided in Dorset.

National Picture

The NHS Long Term Plan (2019) aims to:

  • ‘develop new and integrated models of primary and community mental health care to support adults and older adults with severe mental illnesses’​
  • ‘redesign and reorganise core community mental health teams to move towards a new place-based, multidisciplinary service across health and social care aligned with primary care networks’

Vision in Dorset

In Dorset, the MHICC programme has adopted a co-production approach to developing plans for the new and integrated models of primary and community mental health care.

The vision is for people in Dorset who experience mental health difficulties to recover and have improved mental health and wellbeing with the help of personalised, localised and joined up services. The key aims and objectives are:

  • To offer a personalised approach that addresses needs, offers hope and helps someone with a mental health difficulty live a healthy and fulfilling life​
  • To develop an inclusive, integrated community-based offer ​
  • To create a flexible system that proactively responds, has no service gaps or exclusion criteria​
  • To treat mental health problems effectively using a collaborative approach that builds on strengths and is underpinned by a single care plan

The desired outcome is to develop a model of care enabling people with mental health difficulties to:

  • Have greater choice and control over their care​
  • Access mental health care where and when they need it​
  • Manage their condition or move towards individualised recovery​
  • Be supported to live well in their communities

Going on the journey together:

The diagram below highlights the key stages of the project.