Just before Christmas (15.12.20) we were pleased to host our second online Mental Health Integrated Community Care (MHICC) Co-Design Event and it was fantastic to see over 100 people attend.

During the session, we presented feedback from our first event and shared how this has been used to inform the first draft of a very high level model.

We then moved into 12 breakout rooms where each group was allocated a case study vignette to consider against the high level model. Discussions in each room centered around the following questions:

What services are required to meet the person’s needs?
Where would these services be provided?
Who can provider this? So, what types of workforce & skills would be needed? E.g CMHT, VCSE, psychology, peers etc?
What therapy or specific support might be needed?
What needs adding or changing on the high level model?

You can view the themes identified from these discussions here:

Co-Design Event 2 – Case Study Themes

Co-Design Event 2 – Themes Summaries for SOP

The second part of the session focused on the co-production process and introduced the Expertise Group and sub-groups. Attendees moved back into their breakout rooms to discuss in further detail:

What do you think about the proposed high level co-production process?
Thinking about the expertise groups – what would you need to know to enable you to express an interest in being either informed and/or involved in one of these groups?
Do you have any other questions or suggestions regarding the co-production process for us to consider and to inform our planning?

It was a fantastic event with some really rich discussions and suggestions.

We have since asked everyone involved in the MHICC co-design to express their interest in joining an Expertise Group and are currently working on membership.

To view the presentation used during the event, and the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Expertise Group and Working Group, scroll down to the ‘Downloads’ section of the MHICC homepage