Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group
Plans to improve dementia services in Dorset
26 September 2016

Local people are being be asked what’s good and what could be improved about NHS and local authority’s dementia services, including the NHS Memory Assessment Service, Memory Support and Advisory Services and other support and care both within hospitals and the community.  

Over the past few years, NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group has done considerable work to improve dementia diagnosis rates, which rose from being one of the lowest in the country in 2011 at 26% to diagnosing 62.2% of the estimated prevalence of people living with dementia across Dorset by March 2016. Dorset is considered to be one of the fastest improving areas in the country.

This review is another step in the right direction towards improving dementia care in Dorset and is in-line with the Government’s mandate 2016/17 to improve quality of post-diagnosis treatment and support for people with dementia and their carers.

Dr Paul French, Dementia Lead at NHS Dorset CCG said “We have been working with local GPs to give them the tools to support their patients with dementia to live well and independently for as long as possible. We also recognise the needs of carers and the necessity to take into account their experiences and thoughts on improving dementia when carrying out the review. Now we want to work closely with our partners in the local authorities to improve dementia care across all areas.

Around 13,638 people over 65 in Dorset have dementia. It affects a large proportion of our population, and we want to hear what your experience of dementia services has been. Whether they are good, bad or ugly, your experiences are central to this review and to future proposals on how to improve them.

Local people are best placed to tell us what we have got right and what we need to do better. We are encouraging everyone to get involved, whether you are a patient, a carer, a family member or a member of staff who works with people with dementia. Tell your neighbours and friends, or take surveys to local groups you attend. You can make a real difference to the future of dementia services in Dorset”.

You are able to give your views between the 23 September and 30 November 2016.

Find the survey online on or attend one of our events which are listed.

Leaflets will be available to pick up at GP practices, libraries and hospitals in the first week of October.  Alternatively, contact us on the details below to request a paper copy or find out about events.

If you run or are part of a dementia group or organisation, please contact us so we can speak to you about the project and how you can get involved: or call 01202 541946.