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Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP)

Public Engagement Group (PEG)

Dorset’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan – Public Engagement Group (PEG)

In 2014 NHS England published the Five Year Forward View to provide a clear picture of the scale of change that local health and care systems need to deliver by 2020/21.

New planning guidance requires all local systems in England to create a Sustainability and Transformation Plan setting out how they will address a list of national priorities for 2016/17, as well as longer-term challenges

The Dorset Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), ‘ Our Dorset’, has been shaped by the views of clinicians, staff and local people and developed by leaders from across our health and social care system.

Our Dorset sets out the transformational plan for all services. The three key elements of the Dorset STP are:

 Prevention at Scale;

 Integrated Community and Primary Care Services;

 One Acute Network of Services.

This is underpinned by enabling work streams including workforce and IT.

Each STP programme will require tailored approaches to its engagement work with local people. Partners will work together to design and deliver meaningful and timely public engagement and communication.

STP partner organisations have collectively recognised the value of having a core STP Public Engagement Group and are now seeking to recruit approximately 20 members of the public to the group who will have lived experience of Dorset’s geography, demography and diversity. Their key role will be to provide advice guidance and challenge to inform public engagement. Full details of the group’s purpose, level of commitment, code of conduct and membership requirements can be found here.

Applicants for membership and the position of group chair will be considered by officers representing all partner organisations.

We invite Expressions of Interest for these roles. Paper copies can be obtained by contacting 01202 541946.

Closing date 9 June 2017.