Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Make sure you have your medicines

If you receive regular medicines, please make sure you give your local Pharmacist twenty-four hours to prepare your prescription.

There are some simple things you can do to help local pharmacy teams;

  • put a reminder on your calendar or phone a couple of days before you are likely to run out alerting you to visit your GP;
  • if you have a smart phone there are number of apps that can be used to alert you when you need to order new medicines;
  • if you need multiple prescriptions, speak to the team at your local practice as you are able to collect them all at the same time – this means you only have one date to remember;
  • only order the medicines you need - unused medicines cannot be reused for other patients;
  • If you do run out don't call 111 or 999 - call your GP or usual Pharmacist who may be able to help;
  • if you are going away speak to your GP as you may be able to collect your medicines earlier than usual.
  • For local opening times please visit the national NHS website.