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Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK.

Prostate cancer mainly affects men over the age of 50 and your risk increases with age. The average age for men to be diagnosed with prostate cancer is between 70 and 74 years. Knowing the signs of cancer can save your life, as reporting to your doctor quickly can lead to an earlier diagnosis.

Knowing the signs of cancer can save your life.

Prostate cancer can result in problems associated with urinating. Symptoms can include:

  • needing to urinate more frequently, often during the night
  • needing to rush to the toilet
  • difficulty in starting to urinate or pee (hesitancy)
  • straining or taking a long time while urinating
  • weak flow of urine
  • feeling that your bladder has not emptied fully.

If you notice any of these symptoms, do not ignore them. Go to your GP to get the symptoms checked - you are not wasting anyone's time. If it isn't serious, your mind will be put at rest. But if it is cancer, early diagnosis can make all the difference. The sooner cancer is detected, the better the chances of treatment.

Support for prostate cancer patients, carers and relatives in Dorset

Support groups can offer valuable support and information to anyone affected by prostate cancer. You can meet and talk to others who empathise and understand your experience.

In Dorset, the following groups help, guide, give information and provide a support network to local residents affected by prostate cancer:

  • New-Man Prostate Cancer Support

Provides group support for patients in South and West Dorset who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, their families and partners. Speakers range from patients, therapists, doctors and nurses and there are around 30-40 regular attendees.

The group meets every other month on the 2nd Wednesday of that month, in St Andrews Church Hall, Preston, Weymouth DT3 6BU. You can contact Paul Nichols for more information on 01308 458 222 or by email:

  • Dorset PCaSO Prostate Cancer Network

A Dorset-wide network with about 1000 members, this group is made up entirely of prostate cancer patients and their carers, partners and family members. All branch meetings are open to anyone and the newly diagnosed are open to anyone and the newly diagnosed are especially welcome. They are a registered charity: 1095439.

You can contact James Davis on 01202 580 436 or by emailing: and their website is:

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