Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

What we stand for

'Supporting people in Dorset to lead healthier lives'

NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group is the commissioning organisation for the whole county of Dorset. Formed of all 100 GP practices in Dorset organised around locality (geographical) groups, we have been involved in local health service commissioning for many years.

You can read more on all of the information below in our mission, aim and values presentation.

Our Mission

Using our clinical understanding, we strive to lead continuous improvements to health and care services in Dorset. Our key mission is to support people in Dorset to lead healthier lives, for longer.

This mission sets out our ultimate purpose. It defines what we must aim to achieve every day, through every decision and every interaction we have as an organisation. It also incorporates our vision statement. Our mission statement is explained as follows:

  • 'Supporting people' reflects our role of commissioning services for those who fall ill and in preventing illness in the first place. It also recognises the need for us to support people to manage their own health and to work with them to do this successfully.
  • We have a duty of care for all people while they are 'in Dorset' - not just Dorset residents.
  • 'Healthier lives' is the ultimate outcome we are aiming for. It reflects a need to prevent illness (e.g. through education), as well as recognising the need to provide timely services for everyone.

As a clinical commissioning group we have a responsibility as leaders within the health economy. Our unique position as clinicians also allows us to view things differently.

We already have an excellent health service in Dorset but, excellent services can still, and must, be improved to reflect a continually changing economy and society. By using our clinical understanding and different perspective we can drive continuous improvements, not just in health care but across all services within Dorset.

Our values

We have six values.

  • Honest
    Working openly with the public, our patients and all other stakeholders to build a mutual level of trust and understanding.
    Being transparent about the decisions we make, the way we operate and the impact we have.
  • Courageous
    Having the courage to challenge decisions and activities when they are not aligned to our aims and priorities as commissioners of health care.
    Looking at existing approaches and new challenges in different ways and exploring innovative solutions in order to drive continuous improvements. We will be prepared to take risks and learn from our mistakes. 
  • Responsible
    Being accountable for the decisions we make, responsible for implementing them and reflecting the resources available to us as commissioners.
    Taking personal, collective responsibility for all our work, supporting the decisions of the CCG. 
  • Collaborative
    Working together with our public, patients and stakeholders, involving them in the decision-making process particularly when the decision impacts on them.
    Working with colleagues from all sectors to make a real difference to services - putting the needs of patients and communities ahead of organisational boundaries. 
  • Responsive
    Proactively adapting, responding to challenges - large and small, national and local - to find a resolution.
    Responding positively and with a 'can do' attitude, to new and different ideas when they are presented. 
  • Caring
    Putting ourselves in our patients, public and stakeholders shoes, to understand their point of view.
    Listening to the people and communities we serve, taking account of their views in the decisions we make. 

Our aim

To be an organisation that:

  • Uses resources effectively and efficiently
  • Challenges and encourages its partners, members and staff to drive improvements in services and performance
  • Has a local focus, but doesn't lose sight of the bigger picture
  • Values its staff and membership and is a great place to work
  • Is trusted and builds confidence in our public, patients and stakeholders.