Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group


It is desirable and good practice to undertake an equality impact assessment (EqIA) as part of our commitment to patients, staff and the public, to consider the impact that our policies, strategies or plans may have on our equality groups (protected characteristics).

Our EqIAs are live and ongoing and will be updated during reviews and throughout the course of a project.


With the transformation plans and a consultation for the Clinical Services Review (CSR) gathering pace, the CCG is keen to demonstrate how equality and diversity issues have been taken into consideration at each stage of the review and will continue to do so into the future.  The CCG has engaged and communicated with a vast and diverse range of stakeholders to keep them updated through public information events and have involved representatives from different protected characteristics in our Patient and Public Engagement Group (PPEG).

Equality and diversity considerations such as booking accessible venues for engagement events and having information in different formats including how we engage with different groups are always considered. 

The equality impact assessment on the likely impact of service changes (preferred models) is carried out by senior managers in the CCG and is a continual process.

Equality Impact Assessment documents for service change are listed below:


The CCG undertakes a equality impact assessment for all its policies and links to these can be accessed under the downloads on the right side of this page.